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Therapy & Sports Massage

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If you have suffered injury as a result of playing sport or other physical activity, I can offer sports massage, treatment and rehabilitation therapy to aid your recovery and help you get back to physical fitness. NEW - I have just completed a Myofascial Release course. This is a gentle type of massage suitable for everyone. 

Treatments include:

  • Rehabilitation programmes for overcoming injury problems

    This would include strengthening and mobility exercises

  • Advice and treatment for sprains, muscular and skeletal injuries

    This can be achieved by massage; taping; demonstration of stretches and mobility exercises

  • Sports massage

    This is a deep tissue massage which can be done in specific areas                      

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  • Follow up sessions

  • To aid with understanding physiotherapy reports and programmes you have been advised you to do, ensuring you get the best from any exercises prescribed to help with injury recovery

I offer these treatments in the comfort of your home or I can even come to your place of work!


Please get in touch on 07889093179 to arrange an appointment.



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