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Success Stories

Clapham Race for Life was on the 7th October and it was my first ever 10K race (the last time I ran was in 1984 and that was only a two mile distance so it was a big challenge to say the least).

Al’s words of encouragement, patience, sense of humour and pushiness when needed, enabled me to achieve the run in 55 minutes (not bad timing for a 51 year old !!)

Al is a highly skilled and talented Personal Trainer and I highly recommend his services.

Feeling so confident now that I’m considering doing a half marathon next hopefully Al will have me back.

Karen - Pilton


Al is extremely knowledgeable and positive about fitness. Since training with him, I've achieved things that I would never have considered attempting before because I believed that I couldn't. I've run up hills I would have never tackled and run distances I never thought I would. Al has helped me improve my running style, my core strength, but above all my mental attitude. He makes you feel good about every step towards your goal, no matter how tiny and has a great ability to push you above and beyond, but never too far that what he is asking of you is impossible.




I had a knee replacement operation in May 2018.

Since then I've worked steadily with Al to make sure it recovers well.

Al has been invaluable in my recovery and absolutely brilliant with guidance, advice, loads of ideas on how to use the house as a recovery gym and support.

I can only say a huge thank you to him for everything. Here's to the next 6 months.



My husband and I were stuck in a rut for over a year where we couldn’t find the motivation to exercise. We had previously been very active having done the Inca trail and also losing weight/getting fit for our wedding, but after all that was over we struggled to get ourselves into a routine. We also wanted to start exercising again because we wanted to start trying for a baby and people had told us that increasing your fitness can increase chances of conceiving. After contacting Al we booked ourselves with him for a few personal training sessions which kick started our motivation. I also changed my diet and introduced the Herbalife shakes which I believe helped the most in my weight loss journey. After a few months I managed to lose around 7kg in weight and also found out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby. We can’t recommend Al enough as he is not just a personal trainer, but really helps mentally in terms of motivation. I feel that was the most important thing as this kept me going even after the personal sessions had finished. After having this baby I’m sure we’ll be back in touch with Al for some more personal training sessions. I can’t recommend him enough! Such a great guy.


Shona and Sandeep


"Having tried running before but never enjoying it or feeling like I was getting anywhere, I decided to join Al's 0-5K group. 

He was offering a free initial session, so I had nothing to lose!  I met a great group of people and with Al's support and encouragement, I managed to complete my first ever 5k, in just 6 weeks.  If I can do it, you can too! Thanks Al."



Great service - great guy, extremely well structured and organised lessons.

Stoke St Michael Youth Club


Alun is such an amazing person to be around, so positive and full of skills.

Sara House


Alun is a totally upfront chap who quite simply strives to get the best out of you. Totally recommended.

Andy Ransom


Excellent varied and fun PT sessions with Al.

Sports and remedial massage also helped me relieve numbness that culminated in my hands from tight muscles around the neck. A year of annoying numbness alleviated for a period after our first session. Also tried TRX for the first time, really fun - thanks Al! Highly recommend this chap - uber professional too. 

:-) Cheers! Amie-Jo


I have just completed the 6 session personalised fitness program run by Al that is currently on offer for £150.00. Each session was tailor made for my own abilities and requirements with an exciting range of different exercises bought to each lesson. Al brings a wealth of extensive knowledge with him, he is mindful of any pre-existing injuries that you may have so you can be confident that each lesson is safe and well structured. A first class service delivered by a first class personal fitness instructor.

Deborah from Somerset


I've been meaning to write a testimonial for Al for some time now... So here it is now.

I needn't say anything really because if you know Al, I know you'll recommend him to other people anyway.
If you don't know Al yet, you will be in extremely good hands. 
Al will get you up and working; Up and laughing; Up when you are feeling down; and up when the only way is up. In fact, Al is Mr. Up from Upsville!
I first called upon Al when I could barely get off my sofa following a brain op. I'd put on 4 stone through prolonged steroid use and immobility and was suffering the most chronic anxiety about going outdoors. Consequently exercise had to begin at home- rolling off the sofa and learning how to get up with a modicum of dignity, rather than backwards from all fours! Then it was about being able to balance and coordinate and that proved very difficult. Then it was about learning how to run again- boy did I miss my running!! And eventually I managed a 5k and then a 10k. And all of this was within about 8 months.
There were many days when physically and mentally all I was able to do was open the door for Al. Once I did, he got me going. Sometimes with a simple chat, sometimes with a very simple exercise routine. It was a simple as that, and sometimes it was as hard as that. I don't think I cancelled a single session! I forgot a few - but never cancelled!
If I can do it, anyone can - especially with Al!
I mean don't get me wrong, his sense of humour is weird, funny, odd and his jokes are terrible, but basically, he's a legend and you won't go far wrong if you put your faith in Al. 
Thank you Al your inspiration and cheerful disposition! 

Susan Ayton – Shepton Mallet


I'm 33 and I've put on 2 stone in the last year. I eat super healthy food but it appears my metabolism has decided to slow down somewhat, so something needed to be done. I met Al to get the ball rolling and we discussed my overall health and what I wanted to achieve from the training sessions. I've been training with Al now for around 6 weeks and it has been so much more than I expected. I've learnt high intensity work outs and how to do them correctly. I've improved on running and am now able to add sprints into my runs. I now push myself harder when exercising and am managing to shift the weight. Al also went through everything I could be doing nutritionally. Al gave me the kick start I needed, he motivated me to be better, to achieve and reach that vision I have in my head to keep going. This has motivated me in so many other ways in life as well. I'm not so quick to give up in everyday tasks now and am more determined. Overall Al has had a huge impact on my life in such a small space of time because I feel way more positive about everything now and if Ii feel a bit glum some days, Ii just get on out there and go for a run which soon sorts my head out. In short, I highly recommend Al. He's much more than a personal trainer and a genuinely great person.

Katie Davidson, West Pennard, Somerset. 


Testimonial – Al Stewart (Fitness Trainer)

I have been working with Al for a few weeks now and can only say how delighted I am to have found his website.

My first interview with him was a thorough review of my overall health and aspirations. From there, we have met regularly. Al has come to my home and worked one-to-one with me, guiding me through a wide range of exercises and activities designed to meet my need to build up strength, stamina and overall muscle tone following a shoulder injury.

From the beginning, I found Al to be astute, supportive and sensitive to my needs. Each week he has taken me through a series of different routines designed to achieve the above. He has patiently explained how each exercise would help and has done this by an effective mixture of encouragement and challenge. He has guided me so that I have not only progressed, but have also gained better understanding of how the different muscle groups work together.

He has always ensured that I was working within my capabilities, whilst at the same time pushing me to do that little bit extra.

After each session he has produced a workout action plan that I could refer to when exercising on my own.

Overall, I cannot recommend Al too highly. He has boosted my confidence and given me reason to believe that I can achieve my health and fitness goals – and that I will enjoy doing it too!!

Ian Russell (Age 65)


Personal Trainer - Al Stewart. Testimonial.

It was around February when we decided to get ourselves into a fitness regime, and applied for the Bristol 10K. I was also fed up of listening to my mate's at Bristol City matches talking about their running exploits, which I couldn't join in on! I came home and said to my other half, we are going to run in the 10k in May. Mirka's reaction was one of delight, and 'made her day' were her actual words. I have never run before properly, maybe 3 times in the last 10 years, although my fiancée has run a 10K two years ago. However we knew if this was ever going to be possible, we would need some help! Al's services were only around the corner, as we live on Tadley Acres, Shepton Mallet. Immediately on our first session with him, he quickly guided us in the right direction introducing us to different running techniques. Over the course of the next three weeks, his guidance and expertise transformed our running experience, and we gradually gained strength and confidence in our ability to run 6.2 miles. We thoroughly recommend his services if you ever want to accomplish any small or bigger goal, as he understood our individual abilities, and set realistic tasks for us both between each session. Our time in the 2016 Bristol 10K was 1hr 4mins.   Thank you once again Al.

Stuart and Mirka - Shepton Mallet


I have been working with Al as my personal trainer since January 2015.
I can honestly say he has changed my life so much and for the better. I am 62 years old nearly 63 and have now found exercise to be a way of life.
Al is so much more than just a person who takes me through a workout. He cares, he motivates, he listens and he makes me laugh! Add to that a patient and thoughtful personality as well as someone who clearly knows his stuff and is able to explain and advise. He knows about putting things into perspective and how to push when you need pushing.
I really look forward to my training sessions and they are worth every penny. I have changed my shape for the better, think about healthy eating but not obsessively, and found time for me - something I never ever did before I met Al.
He is much more than a personal trainer, and my husband and I count him as one of our friends - something you can never have too many of.
If you are looking for a person to change your life using fitness, fun and friendship Al is the person to choose. 
I just want to say a Big Thank You and I always look forward to the next session.

Lesley McDowall - Glastonbury


After a shoulder operation last year, I needed help with the recovery through physiotherapy, so I started working with Alun. With the range of exercises he has taught me and massage therapy, we have strengthened my shoulder and given me back the mobility and strength that I had not had for years! He has encouraged me at every stage of my recovery. I am now able to use weights and my overall strength and fitness has improved so much in a short space of time.

He has encouraged me to start running and I completed my first 5k this summer. 

Each workout is tailored to the individual, so you can achieve exactly what you are aiming for. I have learnt so much from Alun and I am much more confident in my own abilities and body image. He is willing to share his expert knowledge and certainly leads by example.

Alun is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational.

Charlotte Corbett - Stoke St Michael


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