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Bristol half marathon 2017

I recently ran the Bristol 1/2 marathon for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I raised over £250. I did it in 1 hour 49 minutes. 

2017-09-17 16.58.42.png


Shepton parkrun

 Well done goes out to everyone involved in organising and taking part in the new Shepton parkrun.   

2017-04-29 09.37.27.jpg   2017-04-29 10.52.56.png 2017-04-29 09.53.27.jpg  

Great effort everyone. 



Shepton Mallet Sports FC U13

Shepton Mallet Sports FC U13

Well done goes out to everyone involved in Shepton Mallet Sports FC. They have done really well in their first season and it's been a fantastic effort by everyone. I am happy and proud to be a sponsor of this great initiative. It is a pleasure to be involved. 


Glastonbury and Bristol 10k 2017

Well done goes out to Peter Vowles, Kelly Apfelstedt, Paul Bishop and my wife, Sarah who have had an amazing running period. Peter did the Glasonbury 10k in 1hr 20 seconds. This was his first ever 10k!. Kelly and Paul did 2 x 10k in 2 weeks. They have never run a race before yet alone trying a 10k. I did the training together with them and ran with them. Kelly did an amazing 55.36 for the Glastonbury and a 54.54 for the Bristol 10k. Paul did 53.20 for the Glastonbury and an awesome 49.04 for the Bristol.  

 Glastonbury 10k 2017.jpg   2017-04-30 12.30.58.jpg   2017-05-07 11.10.22.jpg

Well done Peter, Paul, Kelly and Sarah.  


Well Done

Well done goes out to my clients Susan Ayton and Phillipa Boulton who completed the 5k Race for life at Weston Super Mare recently.   


FitPro 2016

Peter Twist

I have just returned from a great FitPro 2016.

I went with my friends, Andy and Lydia Sherlock (Core Strength Studios - We received some fantastic training, fitness and dietary advice and some excellent self-development coaching.

I was inspired by Peter Twist (Twist Sport Conditioning) who not only gave me some great training ideas but also shared his amazing life story with us. Awesome.


TRX training

One of my clients, Lesley, was scared of the TRX. Now she loves the feeling of knowing her posture muscles have been put through a tough session.

Well done, Lesley. 



New challenges

Both these ladies are my clients and they have set themselves a couple of challenges. 

Phillipa has entered the Weston-Super-Mare 5k Race for life. She has never done this sort of thing and I will be supporting her all the way. Good luck Phillipa. 

Charlotte has entered the National Arboretum 10k race. She has also never done anything like this before. Go Charlotte!



Longleat 10k 7th Feb 2016

Sarah - Longleat 10K

On the 7th Feb I ran with one of my clients in the Longleat 10k race. He has not run for a long time and his target was a sub 1 hour. We achieved a time of 55.50 which was excellent.

My wife also ran it and she did very well in a time of 1 hour 6 mins.


Herbalife Kick Off event

Herbalife Kick Off, held 23-24 Jan 2016, Telford. Fantastic. Please get in touch if you want to get involved. 


Water Bottles

I noticed that a lot of the children in my village are drinking nothing but fizzy drinks, squash, sugary energy drinks etc. So I decided to try to help. I recently gave every child that attends Stoke St Michael School a water bottle.

I presented each child with one, after giving them all a little chat of the benefits of drinking water. If one of the 50 children in the school chooses to drink more water, then I think that is a positive result. It was a great feeling to give this small gift to the children of my village.


Christmas fete

Saturday - Christmas fete held at the 1610 Leisure Center - Shepton Mallet.

Thanks for everyone who came and said hello this weekend at the 1610 Leisure Center Christmas fete. 

Well done to Lucy Ollis who organised it all. A great effort from everyone. 


Personal Best

Alun Stewart 10K Personal Best

Personal Best!

Yesterday (22nd Nov 2015) I ran a 10k race at the Castle Combe race circuit. The weather was perfect; the temperature was cold but ideal; the conditions were right for something special. I ran the race in 44mins 45 secs! That is the fastest time I have ever ran this distance. When I was in the army I did a similar time but I was 27! Now at 49, I am running further, faster and stronger than ever.

I was hydrated properly using Herbalife24 - CR7 Drive (Endorsed and used by Cristiano Ronaldo) and felt great at the end.

My wife also ran it and did an amazing 1 hour 0 mins and 38 secs, which is an improvement of 5 minutes. I am very proud of her.

Can I help you achieve your personal best? Please get in touch.


New targets

Hi everyone. 06/11/15

This week I have asked my clients to re-assess their aims and goals relating to fitness, race and run times, health etc. 

They all have recorded changes in their achievements - from increased muscle mass to improved split times for a 10k run, but I wanted to make sure we keep the momentum going. I have done this by asking them to revisit the goals they set when we started training to see if by slightly changing something, we can improve further. I feel this is important to keep my clients and classes motivated. 

If you fancy achieving some goals that you feel you can achieve, then please get in touch. Ask yourself Why? Then ask yourself Why not? Then ask Why not you? Finally, ask yourself Why not NOW?


Longleat 10k - 07 Feb 2016

Longleat 10k - 07 Feb 2016

I am in! Why not you? Why not NOW! I can help you train and offer support and encouragement all the way. Even it is just doing it for the fun and satisfaction of just doing it. Why not?


Bristol - Bath Marathon, 25th October

Alun Stewart at the Bristol - Bath marathon

Training update - Today I did a 1/2 marathon distance, as a training run in 1 hour 47 mins.

No problems with calf muscle, felt good and had plenty of hills to conquer and managed to run up them all. I had my Recovery shake afterwards - Herballife 24 endurance, and felt good.

Now ready for the Bristol - Bath marathon this Sunday 25th Oct.

I am running for Children's Hospice South West. Please support me if you can. Thank you.


Result of the Bristol to Bath Marathon 25/10/15


I was able to complete the Bristol - Bath marathon this weekend in 3 hrs 56 mins. I was happy to get under the 4 hours target I had set myself. I found the course tough and the hills into Bath were very challenging. The support from the crowds along the whole route was fantastic. 

I thought it was very well organised with plenty of marshals and volunteers who helped make the event a great success.

I was able to run without injury but at the 18-23 mile point, I found I had to focus and ensure I took on board the drinks offered, to avoid dehydration. 

At the end, the crowds in Bath were very supportive and the organisation was again excellent.

I was running for Children's Hospice South West and would like to thank all the people who sponsored me.

Now for the next challenge!


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