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Continued successes

We have seen big changes this period, with 1/2 marathon results; continued weight loss results; improvements to injuries and changes to lifestyles.

We are still moving on with Herbalife with a brand new product range now available. This new flavour is suitable for vegans!

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Great start to 2018

It's been a great start to 2018. Clients have already shown commitment to get rid of the "Christmas spirit". We have recorded weight loss, body fat loss, visceral fat loss, improved running times and distances. 

Well done everyone and now let's take the next step and push again to achieve your aims and goals. 

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Bristol half marathon 2017

I recently ran the Bristol 1/2 marathon for the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance. Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. I raised over £250. I did it in 1 hour 49 minutes. 

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Shepton parkrun

 Well done goes out to everyone involved in organising and taking part in the new Shepton parkrun.   

2017-04-29 09.37.27.jpg   2017-04-29 10.52.56.png 2017-04-29 09.53.27.jpg  

Great effort everyone. 



Shepton Mallet Sports FC U13

Shepton Mallet Sports FC U13

Well done goes out to everyone involved in Shepton Mallet Sports FC. They have done really well in their first season and it's been a fantastic effort by everyone. I am happy and proud to be a sponsor of this great initiative. It is a pleasure to be involved. 


Glastonbury and Bristol 10k 2017

Well done goes out to Peter Vowles, Kelly Apfelstedt, Paul Bishop and my wife, Sarah who have had an amazing running period. Peter did the Glasonbury 10k in 1hr 20 seconds. This was his first ever 10k!. Kelly and Paul did 2 x 10k in 2 weeks. They have never run a race before yet alone trying a 10k. I did the training together with them and ran with them. Kelly did an amazing 55.36 for the Glastonbury and a 54.54 for the Bristol 10k. Paul did 53.20 for the Glastonbury and an awesome 49.04 for the Bristol.  

 Glastonbury 10k 2017.jpg   2017-04-30 12.30.58.jpg   2017-05-07 11.10.22.jpg

Well done Peter, Paul, Kelly and Sarah.  


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