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Marathon Training

I'm in training for the Weston half marathon (March 24th) and it's going really well. I am using the Herbalife products and have reduced my body fat and weight. 

I am pushing in the miles and will be running for our local village festival, StokeFest, which will be help in August 2019. 

Bristol half 2018.jpeg


Clients getting there

Already I have seen results from my clients since the start of January.

They have achieved so much and we are working towards some fantastic goals.

Tiffany is back and doing the Bath half marathon on 24th March for alzheimers.

Lesley continues to improve after her new knee.

Pete is back to running 4 miles insted of cruising at 3.

Alice and Buster the dog have won awards at Dog agility due to Alice getting a lot fitter.

Kate continues to hit it hard and is doing really well with her running.

These are only a few of the results we are getting and we are only just getting started!

Well done everyone. 



Now it's 2019!

It was a great year for my customers and clients. I had clients who recorded weight loss, muscle mass gains, visceral fat loss, improvements to their posture, improved running times and are more confident.

We had clients who recovered from injury and went on to achieve all sorts of personal aims and targets.

It is now 2019 and I am here to help you with your new goals - whatever they are.

Please get in touch and we can arrange a FREE consultation at a time and location to suit you.

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Bristol half 2018.jpeg


Welcome to 2019

Well done everyone and now let's take the next step and push again to achieve your aims and goals. 



Continued successes

We have seen big changes this period, with 1/2 marathon results; continued weight loss results; improvements to injuries and changes to lifestyles.

We are still moving on with Herbalife with a brand new product range now available. This new flavour is suitable for vegans!

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